Finding a Way to Help Those Who are

Finding Their Way.

 25% of fees go BACK to young Professionals in the form of a Scholarship!

As a young professional, I had to learn by trial and (many) errors and I WISH I had something like this to guide me. Now, as a working professional in the field, I get an opportunity to read hundreds of resumes a year through the hiring process. I see the good, the bad and the ugly and I know what stands out to employers. I also get 3-5 emails a week from young professionals and students asking many of the same questions - Should I follow up?  What do I list on my resume?  How do I make my cover letter stand out?  I realized that I was answering the same questions over and over again.  This made me understand that many young people are struggling with the same things when job searching.  Enter, the VHA!  The Virtual Handshake Academy also gives me an opportunity to use 25% of profit to help fund a scholarship for young professionals!  (Because we all know that being an intern doesn't pay the bills.) 



I am the first female strength and conditioning coach in the history of professional baseball. I have spent the past ten years as a strength and conditioning coach for organizations such as Arizona State University, Louisiana State University, Los Tigres Del Licey Beisbol, St. Louis Cardinals and the Houston Astros. While my career is in the strength and conditioning field, I am passionate about teaching. Through my long journey of internships and graduate assistantships, I learned invaluable lessons in developing the most effective professional materials. Being that I had a unique set of struggles in entering the field, I learned a bulletproof formula for developing a virtual presentation that stood out amongst the competition. My mission is to live courageously while empowering others to do the same and the Virtual Handshake Academy is one of the ways to do this.

I do hope this site is helpful to you in your journey.  Please check out the free stuff page for resources to get you started!  

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