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Learn the strategies that helped Rachel Balkovec land her first coaching position in professional baseball at just twenty-four and make history twice in a male professional sport.

Hey, I’m Rachel Balkovec, the first woman ever hired as a full time hitting coach and full time strength and conditioning coach in professional baseball.

As a young professional, I had to navigate important and difficult career altering decisions all on my own.

And after years of making mistakes, and struggling to get noticed by the industry, I finally discovered the secret to standing out from a crowded pack, and landing a job in men's professional sports.

Today, when I’m not working as a hitting coach for the New York Yankees, I spend my time teaching other professionals what I’ve learned, helping them navigate all of the challenging, and costly decisions that come with growing a thriving career. 

'I never really liked my resume or cover letter. After talking to Rachel, I made more changes to it in one night then I've made in months. Thank you for helping me get through my cover letter block!’

-- Jeanne, Working Professional

"Rachel's feedback helped me to make my virtual presentation real.  She was able to provoke a deeper thought process that really made me think about why I wanted the position and what would set me apart from others."

— Chelsea, Graduate Student

What makes this course different from other courses?

The virtual handshake was created specifically for men and women who are career minded individuals with a strong purpose. 


Set yourself apart by mastering the art of articulating your purpose


Dive deeper into often overlooked topics that affect the way your resume and cover letter are received

Get specific strategies, case studies, scripts, and templates

Learn the art of presenting your unique gifts virtually to future employers

So if you’ve ever felt frustrated trying understanding what employers are looking for...

Or you’ve wondered why you weren’t even considered for a job you know you’re perfect for...

Whether you’re hitting coach, strength coach, health & fitness professional, or already working in the industry, or your just getting started this course will help you to gain confidence in your virtual presentation and land your dream job.